A Reason to Celebrate

There are layers of pain.  Many complicated layers.  There is an oppression that permeates every aspect of the lives that are affected by it. Children who have been victims of great trauma are filled with fear and operate out of a place of fear almost always! 


There is only one cure. 


Love covers a multitude of past failures,

traumatic experiences, and

truly erases fear. 

Seems simple and it is,

but what does that look like? 

How do we do it? 

Who has the strength and energy for

Wild Love

in the middle of extreme darkness? 


We have learned a few things in our years of service.  

The first thing is that we don’t know very much AND

that all our best ideas and solutions are born in prayer. 


We’ve also learned to celebrate things that should be normal but aren’t -

like sleeping through the night,

regular meals,

giggles, hugs,

“please” and “thank you,”

“I’m sorry,”

telling the truth,

taking turns, sharing,

a soft answer,

moments of quiet,

and the ability to give a gift and receive one.

Each one of these are miracles that must be celebrated!


So when the girls decided to make a birthday party the moment they learned their newest sister had never had one…I melted. 


Most every one of them had their first cake in our house. Many didn’t have a birthdate, and one little girl didn’t even have a name when she arrived.



They made the decorations. 

Purchased candy with their snack money. 

Created gifts and hand written cards.



This is the big stuff. 

This was empathy, compassion, initiative, kindness. 

This was LOVE!


I knew that if they were stepping out in love,

it was because they knew what it looked like

that they had received enough and healed enough to be ready to give. 


New Hope was founded on the idea of dreaming big dreams for our girls. 

The biggest dream we have for them is

that they would Love God AND

love others well! 


Evidence of this is true reason to celebrate!