A New Creation

I realized I owe you all an update on the culmination of our 21day fast with prayers for Greici and one of our struggling girls.  Let me just say that we truly felt the fruit of your prayers!  Perhaps not in the ways we expected, which confirms God’s hand in it, but in the most marvelous ways. 421037_10150520037388224_787575395_n

As Greici struggled with this girl—Let’s call her “Marie,”  I saw God soften her heart and watched her respond with the softest touch, tear filled hugs, sweet words of encouragement and affirmation with a confidence that had been missing for a while.  There were times when she would say a loud—“Someone is praying, I can feel it.  I can feel God moving in me.”   I wish all of you who were covering her in prayer could have seen it.

Greici and I have worked together for nine years!  We’ve even began to look like one another and have the closest connection I have ever felt outside of marriage-- I feel it, she says it.  We only move if united and while we respond from two entirely different worldviews and cultures we seem to see the same solutions to the challenges set before us.  I wish that kind of partnership for everyone in ministry.


But for the last while things had been cloudy and it left me missing my partner.  Well, dear prayer warriors…I am pleased to announce she is back!  She is back, and not just to her old self, but better than ever—A New Creation!


And as for Marie, she is fighting an internal battle and everyone around her can see it.  She wins some and looses some, but we know who wins in the end!  We continue to praise God for the clear vision He has given us for her future and can’t wait to see her someday speaking before a crowd using her testimony to show others just how big, powerful, faithful and amazing our God is!

Being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you

will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus. Philippians 1:6