A look back at 2015

We have felt God asking us to, "Gather all the pots and jars as I’m getting ready to fill them up with My oil."  We have been gathering…and as we present ourselves as vessels to be used we have felt Him empty us and stretch us to our maximum capacity so that we could hold even more of Him. Empty us O Lord, we long for more of you. Only You can heal the broken hearted and release true freedom…Only You can do that!

This year has been marked with change and transition—full, hard and amazing! Take a look...

New Hope Creations

We have more women than ever working in our workshop thanks to the donation of a few more good running machines and the ambassadors stateside selling our inventory. There were several special and motivated ladies who organized and kept inventory moving through home sales during the  year to ensure their Dominican sisters had work.  This year we also collaborated with other ministries as they added our items to their venues including WAR international, Baseball Chapel, Hearts and Hope and Dare for More.

Nueva Esperanza- New Hope Girls joined forces with the Garven family as they hosted a virtual run, Miles for Megan, collecting funds for miles ran in honor of our dear friend Megan Garven to support the work of New Hope.  We hope that in the coming year our girls will be able to participate as they recently launched a running club and participated in their first 5K.

 Fight the good fight, finish the race, keep the faith.  II Timothy 4:7

We had many visitors this year who popped in to see what we were up to, pray, play and share with us.  You brought gifts, kind words of encouragement, new energy and new points of view as we would sit and reflect on all that God has done and is doing before our very eyes.  You were a blessing to us and we Thank God for you!

We thought it wasn't going to happen and then...it did.  God provided our girls with a sleep over camp at the beach!  What an amazing time full of "firsts" for our girls including snorkeling, boats, caves, swimming lessons, crafts and fun meals.  So much packed into one week--Thanks Tonya King for taking a step of faith to organize and plan this special trip.

God sent us some phenomenal interns this year Keren Armir, from Colombia who lived in the workshop providing discipleship to the ladies and teaching in the girl's academy. Then as we said goodbye to Keren, Corinne Carver arrived and is currently living full time in the home with our girls!  God has been faithful to provide the most excellent help from all over the world.

We also had the honor of baptizing several of our girls and even some staff who had never been baptized

When one of our teachers was robbed at gunpoint  the girls prayed the prayer I didn't have the faith to pray..."Lord return her purse."  What a faith builder when I received the call asking for Amanda to go down and pick up her bag.  What a celebration when she walked into class with the purse on her shoulder...Only God does that!


We we were able to  witness God answer the impossible prayers of healing and restoration and before the close of 2015 we were able to finally sign papers to purchase a NEW HOME on a beautiful piece of land!

To all of you who donated, prayed, following the journey toward this land. THANK YOU!  We are so excited about the coming months ahead as we consider a remodel and a move!  When we didn't think we could hold on ANY longer. God said, YES.

Our new home has seven bedrooms and will be able to host more girls under the best living conditions with space to run and play, grow, learn and heal.  We can't stop singing.  We can't stop marveling--How Great is our God!

We will need lots of help to get this house ready for our girls. We are organizing work projects preparing for the next phase.  Pray about being a part of the move, the renovations or helping us to raise the remaining $85,000 needed to complete the purchase and begin the remodel.

To all of you who "held our arms up" as the battle was being waged through your prayers and financial support we are profoundly grateful and wait with great expectation to see what God will do in 2016!