A blast from the past: Reflecting over the last 10 years of New Hope Girls!

Our 3rd collection with Vera Bradley is right around the corner which just so happens to fall on International Women’s Day AND our 10th Anniversary as New Hope Girls!

To get the celebration started early we wanted to share some special highlights throughout the last 10 years. It’s hard to describe how truly blessed we feel to share these milestones with our community as we prepare to step into MORE.

03/08/11 | We Became New Hope Girls

In a little shack donated to us by a local woman with six months of her salary. We watched our new home transform where we would spend the next five years schooling, discipling and providing a home for our girls in our safe house.

11/2011 | We began our Workshop

We began our workshop, employing moms from the barrio who were struggling to keep and provide for their children. We started making flip flops in the back shed of a local friend’s home then later to led to the making of our handbags.

08/2011 | 12 Girls lived in our care

We provided school for 35 girls each day as we worked to secure their birth certificates and legal rights to study and someday work, making them far less vulnerable to exploitation.

12/2015 | We purchased the land

We began construction projects, creating beautiful therapeutic spaced allowing us to provide for girls coming from the barrio the home we would provide for our own daughters.

02/2016 | A glimpse of justice served

We saw our first predator prosecuted and convicted. As we began to see a shift within the legal system we became hopeful of justice for each of our girls.

04/2016 | We began our outreach

Each week we gather over 100 girls from the barrio for a time of sharing, teaching, and worship led by Wanda, the leader of our workshop. Wanda lives in the barrio and is committed to raising world changers in her own community.

03/2017 | New Workshop Celebration

After 7 years of hand cutting yards of fabric and pushing our home sewing machines to the limits, we inaugurated a brand new production facility full of industrial machines provided by Vera Bradley!

03/08/19 | We sent out 1,000 bags

and watched as hundreds of women chose to join our story. Our dream of a collaborative line that would raise awareness and funds for New Hope Girls went live with Vera Bradley!

03/08/20 | Second Collab with Vera Bradley

We had the opportunity to engage in another collaboration with Vera Bradley as we celebrated our 9th anniversary. We were thrilled to have our signature Tote available in our collection and continue to expand our circle of support!

05/2020 | Our First Graduate

We celebrated our very first New Hope Girls High School graduate! It was one of the biggest highlights of 2020 and one of our proudest moments to date.

06/2020 | University House

Following our first graduate we launched our very own University House. This gives our teens the opportunity to transition into adulthood with the support and independence needed to thrive!

03/08/2021 | Third Collaboration with Vera Bradley and 10th Anniversary

The anticipation of this day is in the AIR! We couldn’t be more thrilled to celebrate the launch of our third collaboration with Vera Bradley on our 10th Anniversary! Stay tuned because the best is yet to come :)