2014--It's all about You!

When I taught second and third grade I would often begin the year with an, “all about me”  project.  Students would reflect on their likes and dislikes and create some type of presentation based on themselves. 

I began this year, 2014 ALL about Me.  I reflected on all the pressure, exhaustion, stress, and all the races with no finish lines I had signed up to run.  I was feeling so sorry for myself, I was even pulling my friends into my All about ME project.  What a miserable start to a new year.  So I’m taking a re-do and asking those closest to me for forgiveness.

  • Instead of focusing on me…I choose to focus on thee.

  • Instead of putting my head down and trudging ahead …I choose to keep my head up allowing You to light the path for my next step.

  • Instead of reflecting on all that is hard and wrong and messed up…I choose to think on all that is pure and right and praise worthy.

  • Instead of reflecting me…I choose to reflect Your light from within.

  • I choose love, I choose Joy, I choose peace, I choose self control, I choose kindness and tenderness….


2014—It’s ALL  about YOU