One Day of Healthy Meals

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For many of our girls, healing starts at the dining room table.

So many come to us after having lived in extreme scarcity - never certain there will be another meal. They know the true meaning of hunger.

Once they enter into refuge with us we work to intentionally restore their relationship with food. We spend time at the table together, re-learning what it means to eat a meal and trust that there will always be enough.

Each healthy meal costs $2/girl. Every meal counts - you can add 1 to your cart or 100 to your cart! We are grateful for all contributions that help our girls have full bellies and full hearts.

We invite you to support our work of healing in the dining room by donating meals for our girls.


Each one of our products are handmade by our hand picked team of artisans that pour their hearts and souls into making our beautiful bags.


We source high quality fabrics that would otherwise be scrapped­­— the ends of bolts and discontinued upholstery have come to be our signature.


100% of our proceeds are funneled back into the work of rescue, refuge and restoration for our girls. Their daily needs are met by every purchase.